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The Department of Surgical Oncology caters the surgical need of the Government Arignar Anna Memorial cancer Hospital with its outpatient, inpatient, diagnostic, operative, post-operative and palliative care services
Out-Patient Service:
      The Department is receiving patients from all over Tamil Nadu and mainly from the districts of Kancheepuram,Chengalpattu, Tiruvellore, Vellore and Thiruvannamalai. The patients are referred from Taluk, District Head quarters and also from private practitioners.  At our out-patient service, we perform clinical examination, investigations and evaluate patients for surgical and non-surgical management.
Diagnostic services:
        Biopsies are the mainstay of oncological investigations. All kind of Biopsies is done here.  We incorporate bio-chemical, pathological, radiological investigation before final diagnosis and staging. The same is presented at tumor board for appropriate management.
Inpatient services:
       Surgical Oncology department constitutes 30 beds for in patients and our bed occupancy rate is 100% and the hospital stay is around 20 to 25 days.  The major malignancies dealt in our department are head and neck malignancies, breast carcinoma,gastrointestinal malignancies and gynecolological malignancies.
       The department is functioning with well-equipped with two major Theatres with adequate manpower and ansesthetists.  All the major and minor oncological surgeries are done here for example:
 Modified Radical Mastectomy, breast conservation surgeries,Total and sub-total gastrectomy,Whipples procedure, colectomy, Anterior resection, abdomino-perineal resection, resections of oral cavity tumors, Neck dissections, radical hysterectomies, cytoreductive procedures for ovarian tumors, surgeries for trunk and extremity sarcomas.

    All the patients are followed up with needed investigation.All the recurrences and metastasis are identified and appropriate management is initiated.
Palliative care:

      Patient need palliative care at advanced and end stage diseases.  Emergency Trachostomy, Abdomino-centesis, Thoroco-centests, divertion colostomy, feeding jejunostomy also done as a part of palliative care.
      The Department is well organized with trained Health professionsals including surgical oncologists. The Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme is meticulously executed and taken care of all insured people.  The Government has sanctioned to acquire newer equipment and the Department has got plan to introduce Laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries.

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